Okay, this is a page for Admins, and the special rules they have to obey.

  • Admins still have to obey the regular rules, becuase it's not that cool to be admin
  • Admins are NOT allowed to ban people. That is the founder's job.
    • Only chat moderators can report people. The founder will ignore any other admins.
    • If an admin threatens to ban somebody, they will be "grounded" from their admin for a month.
    • If an admin bans someone, they will be "grounded" from their admin for a year.
    • If this so happens, and they get their admin powers back, but do the same thing again, they will be "gounded" from their admin powers permanently, unless the founder decides to give it back.
  • Admins are not allowed to give anyone admin, unless given permission.
  • Admins are not allowed to brag about having their powers.
    • If this so happens, They will be "grounded" for a week.
    • If the administrator will not learn, and keep doing this, their "grounding" will get longer each time, until it becomes permanent.

If you have any questions, contact The founder

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