Almighty tallest Phineas10 is the co-ruler of the Empire Irken along with the Almighty Tallest Gabu.

He's the succesor of Red, although he's too similar in many ways with Zim.

Similarities with Zim and RedEdit

One of his most notable similarities with Zim is the plans and traps,and some of the personality, he accepts have similarities with Zim, even once he said "Once I tried to kill Zim, but that would be suicide", he's too paranoic as Zim, because once when Gabu said to him "Zim killed Miyuki, Spork, Red and Purple" he acted too paranoid as Zim when they said to him about the "Candy Zombies" (In Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom).

His only similarity with Red is that he's the only tallest that know how to handle the Empire.


Not all the time he was the tallest with Gabu, he became tallest because Gabu said that they needed other tallest, his darkest secret is that he accidentally killed Control Brains (He's a defective).

He died 2 times, first time is for unknown reasons, and the second time he modified GIR and then he revealed against he and Gabu.

Although he's the only tallest that know how to handle the empire, he's the most evil (Even to send a Girl to Vulpin, the home of the Slaughering Dog People), even he scares Gabu sometimes.

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