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Invader Tenn is a character from Invader Zim who was only shown in two episodes, giving no history of her. The history was mock-created by the user Invader Tenn and Maria Skellington. The only things officially known about Tenn is that she was first shown in The Nightmare Begins,but she was such a minor charactor she did not say a word. We see her again in Megadoomer when Tenn was supposed to get a Megadoomer X-3 Combat Stealth Mech and Zim a package of mulfuctioning Sir Units The boxes addresses got switched and they both got each others. There are many things written about this character by the two users linked up above. Invader Tenn is one of the biggest friends of the now Tallest Maria .

In Invader Tenn's version, Tenn is given more of a persona and background. You can also find her in many of Maria Skellington's stories.

Invader TennEdit

Going on Invader Tenn's version of her, Invader Tenn is a Irken Invader (set in the Invader Zim universe), she is perfectly capable as an Invader, along with being friends with Invader Maria (Now known as Tallest Maria) and Invader Zara.

She has two ruby eyes and very pronounced antennae (possibly the root of her name). She is described as the female version of Zim. She was assigned the planet Meekrob for conquer in Inpending Doom 2, and had quite a hand in some violent past things in the history of Irk.

She is described as an introvert, with a gloomy aura around her. She prides herself on making a concious effort to stay detached, but one look at how she glances at her friends, creations or AIR unit, this is in folly.

AIR UnitEdit

Invader Tenn has not a SIR unit, nor a GIR, but an Advanced Information Retrivial Unit, or AIR unit. His name is Shardas, possibly after his special ability to break his molecular stability to very small shards, a feature designed by Ten herself.

Note: This will be updated later. For more, see Invader Tenn's user page, and several stories that are on the blog.

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