Zai, building a weapon.

Invader Zai is an Invader Zim OC. She is an Irken Invader.

Zai was sent to conquer a planet during Operation Impending Doom 2, but after a wormhole, attacking Space-Pirate-Monkies, and a broken GPS, Zai ended up crash landing on Earth instead. Her SIR unit's brain chip got damaged during the crash. Zai tried to fix it, but as she is not good with robots, turned it crazy instead. Panicking, Zai quickly tried to make a shelter, and popped out her ESBT. (Emergancy Shelter Building Thingy) She made a normal looking house, along with her disguise. She didn't have a disguise for her SIR, so she went to the costume store and bought a blue poodle costume. She started attending the local Skool, to observe the Earthenoids and adjust her disguise and behaviour accordingly. She got put into Ms. Bitter's class. Dib immediatly thought she was an alien, but kept quiet so that he could take off her disguise without her ever expecting it. Zim just kept thinking she was a human. So did the rest of the class.

Zai's personality could be described as shy when you first meet her, but then loud and in your face once she warms up to you. She's pretty boastful and will brag on and on about the tiniest little good thing. She can become bored really easily and zones out whenever she gets really uninterested.

She is very smart, and can form really excellent plans, but they usually get ruined by SIA's misplacing random things, or Dib. She is very resourceful and good at building things. She is also pretty good at piloting, but her ship was destroyed. She is currently trying to get off of Earth.

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