Irken Invader Maria is a Fan Character for Invader Zim. She is the sister of the Tallest Red, and the used to be Tallest Pink. She is quite mean to them, being the oldest. Her brother, Red, has been noted as "gay" since of marrying Tallest Purple, and getting a kid named Zem, a kid named PJ, and 7 others who are unknown. Her other brother, Pink, is also known as gay, but there is no proof.

The RaPr...ness in this part was thought of by RaPrFan4Life on DeviantART. The Creator of Invader Maria (Maria Skellington) Is not a huge RaPr fan. Please do not think she is gay for this. If you do she will ban you off of the chat and probably hunt you down and kill you. Not literally but.... Other RaPrNess may be throughout this so BE WARNED!!!

Irken Invader Maria was noted as a defective, as of her love to kill and murder people. She also rapes people. We don't have any PROOF of this, but the creator claims that Invader Maria rapes people. That's all we have to say.

Maria can be confused as a boy, except she seems to be the only Irken alive with boobs..... Yeah.... But she does not have eyelashes, nor does she have curly antenna. She wears a dress?.....yeah.... MAN DRESS!!! And has black tights, as well black boots, and black gloves. Her Pak spots are pink, and she wears pink tight sleeves.

Maria doesn't really have much of a past other then with Zim and Red, which doesn't really need to be explained, but we will explain that during the 1st Impending Doom, Zim almost killed Maria's best friend, Tenn. Not much else is known, other then all through her life she teased Red.

She has many friends, which we don't want to list. So be gone with you before we steal the noodles in your shirts!!

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