Basic InformationEdit

Television Show: EddsWorld

Full Name: Maria Rose

Gender: Female

Age: 16 years old

Crush: Thomas Ridgewell

Best Buddies: Hannah and Tith

Common Addiction: Coca Cola

Family InformationEdit

Not much is known about Maria's parents, or family. Maria has said she has 3 sisters who are super nice and 2 brotehrs that are so responsible you can't tell they're boys. Her mom is sexy and super nice, and her dad is one who works alot, but spends all his free time with his kids. That's the only information we have gotten about Maria's family, since she was abandoned by her family. No one knows why she was abandoned, not even her. Maria thinks she was abandoned because she wasn't at all like her family. Her family won't even touch soda, but Maria is addicted to Cola. She is also mean, irresponsable, stupid, and has drank Alcohol before. Alot of alcohol.

TomXMaria RelationshipEdit

Maria has a GIANT crush on Tom, but Tom shows that he hates her, but we could be wrong. Many times Maria has squeezed Tom too tight, but only once she squeezed him so much he couldn't breathe. Maria also has problems with licking him. If she is anywhere near him, she will run up to him and lick him across the face like slobbery dog. She has also made Tom carry her many times before.

Relationship with the othersEdit

Maria can be quite weird near Tom, but she can also be as weird near the others. She has fallen asleep on Matt many times, and she says that while everyone's asleep, she licks them who knows how many times. She loves to annoy Tord, so whenever he won't do anything Maria wants, she knows excactly how to get him to scream. She has a nice relationship with Edd. They'll play along, be nice to each other, and won't steal each others Cola. Though, they have had their problems. It is mentioned that when Edd was too shocked to move, Maria thought he isn't worth helping, until TIth tried to shoot Tom.


Like we said before, Maria is an abandoned child. She was born in a family she didn't belong in, or at least that was her opinion. She was abandoned, and some how got into the orphanage. She ran away and ended up living with Edd, Matt, Tord, and Tom. She's very hyper and seems hyped up with happiness, but she's actually very depressed.


Maria has short brown hair, with a pink strike of hair covering her right eye. She wears the Kitten Shopping hoodie with a pink undershirt. She also wears saggy jeans, and regular shoes. It has also been said by Tom that the only thing she generates from her family is her mom's sexiness.

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