She is not really a fan character

She Is An Unrealeesed character from cample studios, she should be on an angry german kid sieris, she is in love with shadow the hedgehog and will do anything for him, and shadow does NOT have a girlfriend, he is just friends with rouge and thinks maria is his sister, thats all, and he does not know about blaze the cat, THIS IS ALL TRUE!

pink fur

blue nikkie minaj hair

golden skirt and shirt

dark yellow shoes

egyptain-looking crown on head

random earings on each ear

brown eyes

same rings as shadow the hedgehog on each of her wrists


voiced by the creator, whitch has a  goofy swedish/indian accent.


she was organley going to be pink panthers girlfriend

she would do ANYTHING IN THE WORLD for shadow the hedgehog

she is very funny and goofy

she will be the mascot of cample studios.

i can't put a pic of her because i DO NOT WANNA LOG IN!!

movie: Princess Mau


i sure hope that shadow the hedgehog is always single! I WAS BORN TOO EARLY THIS STARTED TOO LATE!

i hate all those san girls for shadow the hedgehog, but amya would not be jealouse.


if shadow gpt married, then she would completeley forget him, because she believes in life after love too well.

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