Teenage Mutant Kung Fu Dragons are a fictional team of four, red, teenage anthropomorphic dragons who were trained by their anthropomorphic giant panda sensei in the art of ninjutsu. They were inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, however they resemble a humanoid versions of Shoutmon. 

Main charactersEdit

  • Sharon - The courageous, good-hearted and hardworking leader and devoted student of martial arts, Sharon wears a blue mask and wields two katana. 
  • Geo - Easy-going and free-spirted, Geo wears a orange mask and wields a pair of nunchaku.
  • Flint - The scientist, inventer, engineer, and technological genius, Flint wears a purple mask and wields the .
  • Ralph - The team's bad boy, Ralph wears a red mask and wields the pair of sai.
  • Shan - The Dragons' sensei and adoptive father, Shan is a Japanese mutant giant panda who learned the ways of ninjutsu from his owner and master, Jamashi Kojo.
  • Luna Marks Lockhood - A television news reporter and former lab assistant to her father, Thomas Marks Lockhood, she is a plucky human companion to the Dragons. She greatly resembles Ella from Happily N'ever After. She is Sharon's love interest and girlfriend.
  • Slasher, a villainous ninjutsu warrior called Jikasaki Kojo, who is the leader of Ninja Khan as well as Jamashi's younger brother. 
  • Rokko and Gayzo, two mutant villains who were Slasher's henchmen and students. Rokko is a mutant common snapping turtle and Gayzo is a mutant olive baboon. 
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